What people say

  • Simon Jaffe J. A. Russell Ltd

    Roseann and her teaching has transformed many of our key people. They use her methodology and approach everyday to get a better result for the company, themselves and their staff. In recent performance reviews many who have been to Roseann’s courses sight her as the biggest impact in what they do and the results they now get. Naturally we are very pleased with Roseann’s ongoing help with our Team.

  • Beatrice Faumuinā ONZM C.E.O.

    People Management, is the art form of communication, purpose and performance. These are key skills sets that prepare and allow our Pasifika Leaders to succeed. Roseann Gedye’s experience as well as intuitive delivery and style has transformed our leaders, to exceed their own expectations both professionally and personally. With Roseann’s support, we have also implemented a successful Mentoring Programme.

    Thank YOU, Roseann for understanding our journey. Your tireless commitment and support of BEST Pasifika Leadership Programme has made this all possible.

  • Bruce Copeland, Director of Sandfield Information systems

    When I first heard Roseann at a Seminar she ran for the NZ Society of Accountants, I knew we had to get her involved with our company, and not just the management team, the whole company. IT people perhaps unfairly, have a reputation for being poor communicators. It is typical for technical people to try and work their way out of difficult situations rather than seek out conversations. A lack of communication tends to frustrate and annoy clients, this in turn makes our team more withdrawn and so a vicious cycle is established. Over the many years we have worked with Roseann’s Principles we have completely transformed the culture of our company. Our communication and soft-skills training has repaid the investment handsomely. Our team is empowered, confident and happy. Our clients notice the difference and this has made us more profitable. It’s without a doubt one of the best things we have ever done for our Business.

  • Mike Groves, Retired From The University of Auckland Business School

    Roseann is one of a very small group of presenters who can truly be called ‘outstanding’. She teaches frequently on the Short Course programme at The University of Auckland, and the reason we keep using her is simply that she’s so good . . . always well-prepared, thoroughly professional, totally on top of her subject matter, cheerful, supportive and hugely gifted at motivating, inspiring and educating her classes. I recommend her without qualification.