Roseann's Principles

I base my teaching and facilitation sessions around three principles:

  • Principle of Love

  • Principle of First Seeking to Understand

  • Principle of Investment

Welcome to Roseann’s Principles Limited!

Whether you are here as a current client, potential client, or a curious person – Welcome! The aim of this site is to give you more knowledge of what I can do for you. It’s that simple.

How I'm Different

My career in education began as a primary school teacher in the mid-1970′s. Working in both the state and private sector, I moved through a number of positions of responsibility including Senior Teacher, Deputy Principal, Acting Principal and Music Specialist.

What I do

I work both in-house with individuals and teams and in the public arena, tailoring content to meet unique needs.

  • Relational Communication
  • Presentation and Facilitation
  • Change
  • Leadership

Who I am

I strive to be a creative, innovative educator through self-leadership and developing the abundant potential in others.
Roseann speaking

About me

I am the founder of my own communication advisory service known as Roseann’s Principles, born in 2000.

The discipline I specialise in is communication focusing on the following areas:

  • Relational communication, based on the belief that relationships are the life blood of business.
  • The art of presentation and the ability to influence as well as persuade others
  • Leadership communication, given a fundamental premise of effective leadership is the ability to connect with people.


For people in business building knowledge and skill in leadership, communication, change, personal presence, and much more. Your learning journey starts from point of registration through and beyond the workshop session, until learning has been applied, sustainably in the workplace.

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