What I do

I work both in-house with individuals and teams and in the public arena, tailoring content to meet unique needs.

Relation Communication

  • Effective Communication Skills

    How to get your message across with clarity.

  • Interpersonal Communication

    Mastering the art of one-on-one relationships.

  • Effective Business Writing

    How to be ‘reader centred’ so people take action on your written word.

  • Asserting Your Voice

    Having those ‘courageous conversations’ without offending others!

  • Performance Management

    Knowing the performance cycle and how to get the best out of your people.

  • Negotiation

    Being principled in the art of working together to achieve results that empower all parties.

  • Customer Service Skills

    How to connect in a way that the customer feels valued and wants to come back!

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Steps and techniques for working through challenges in order to make wise decisions.

  • Team Building/Developing

    What makes a high performance team and how to achieve specific team results.

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

    How to handle difference to enhance work performance.

  • Self and Time Management

    Prioritising what’s really important in your daily life!

  • Telephone Techniques

    How to master a ‘be of service’ attitude over the telephone.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Champions require feedback so it’s important to master the steps in how to do this effectively.

Presentation and Facilitation

  • The Art of Presentation

    How to have a conversation with your audience so they will take action.

  • Capturing the Decision Makers

    Compiling and delivering information in a way that gets executives to make important decisions.

  • Delivering Superior Presentations

    Ways to connect interactively with your audience.

  • Handling Nerves

    Simple techniques for taking control of those nerves during a presentation or facilitation session.

  • Influencing and Persuading Others

    Ways and means to get people to take action on your ideas.

  • Interviewing

    How to effectively present yourself as either the interviewer or the interviewee!

  • Running Effective Meetings

    How to run more effective and productive meetings.

  • Facilitating Others

    The art of providing a process that makes it easier for people to learn and progress in teams and organisations.

  • Train the Trainer

    A four step process for making educational sessions more empowering!


  • Change that Engages

    Lessons to be followed when communicating change to others.

  • Leading Change in an Organisational Setting

    Steps on how to implement the change process effectively.

  • Methods for Framing Change Positively

    Knowing the instincts to tap into in order to get people to action the change process.

  • Stress Techniques

    Ways to handle stress and tension during times of change.

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Being aware of the emotional dimensions that impact the change process.


  • Leadership versus Management

    Exploring the subtle differences and how to fulfill both roles.

  • Evolutionary Leadership Theory

    Examining where the studies of leadership have come from and how this impacts leadership in business today.

  • Peak Performance Theory

    Having a purpose, key practices and an understanding of ‘flow’ in order to perform as an organisation.

  • Practices of Leadership

    Assessing five key practices of leadership and how to embed them into organisational settings.

  • Principles of Leadership

    Looking at characteristics that make leaders principle centred in their approach.

  • The Art of Possibility

    Sparking possibility in others so as to lead them to great heights.

  • Values Driven Leadership

    Knowing the importance of values to drive an organisational culture to achieve its vision.

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